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Things about Romania

We will not bore you with easy details like where we are located or to answer if Dracula really exists? Just some interesting things about Romania:

Romanian language is in fact one of the five major romance languages, Latin roots, along with French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. With a history of 1700 years the language has nothing in common with Russian language.

Bucharest was the first city in the world to be illuminated by oil lamps. In 1889, Timişoara became the first city in Europe to be lit by electric streetlamps.

The largest gold reserves in all of Europe is in Romania. And also largest population of wolfs.

Petrache Poenaru invented the first fountain pen and get a patent from France in 1827

In Bucharest is the largest administrative building, recognized by the World Record Academy as the largest civilian building with an administrative function as well as being the most expensive and the heaviest. It is the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon in the United States.

Nicolae Paulescu, discovered insulin and patented this back in 1922

The forests in Romania are the last place in Europe that the brown bear can be found. There are approximately 6,000 bears living in the country’s Carpathian region.

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