Silk Route Shipping

Logistics services


With a longstanding experience in ocean transport of containers, either its import or export to Romania, SRS is proud to set up liable way of working for our customers. With passion, doubled by a certified management system, all containerized transports are handled with professionalism. We are not offering only pure transport, which is carrier’s work, but at any end we have readymade solutions to pick-up or deliver at door containers or only the cargo within. Our containers division is divided by our customers flow, import or export, so for any need in this respect please contact our colleagues.


A proper way to deliver and transport goods need a warehousing solution. This is another investment of SRS. We did set up a state of the art warehouse inside of Constanta Port. To fully support our needs it was erected from greenfield. Round the clock services, all traceable by a powerful WMS, with operations fully recorded, is our proposal to the customers. Expensive transport of containers overland is avoided, partial deliveries are easier than ever, stripping or stuffing of containers is welcome.

Custom Brokerage

Sometimes custom clearance may be a burden if you do not entrust this operation to people who are doing this every day. T2L, T1 is part of the language of our custom brokerage team. Beside documentary assistance, we are ready to attend any custom inspection or to pay the custom taxes on your behalf. Against a POA we will represent you towards custom authorities. If you truly need a supportive custom brokers, please liaise with our colleagues.


When you handle cargoes and physically touch them, you need to prove that you have done it correctly. This is way we offer survey services with qualified inspectors. They will not only issue a specific document showing the state of the cargo or the way it was handled, but they can also check upon request if cargo was infested or depreciated. It’s a laborious work, but it will cover responsibility towards any interested parties, including insuring company.

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